Power Quality Solutions

Power Quality Solutions

Every year, billions of dollars in revenue are lost due to momentary power quality problems. The slightest variations in voltage can cause hours of downtime, resulting in lost productivity and the need to recalibrate equipment.

Twenty-first century industrial companies are embracing automation, miniaturization and computer-controlled manufacturing processes to boost their productivity and be more competitive. However, advanced systems can be highly sensitive to even the briefest variations in electrical power quality. When this declines for even a few milliseconds, computer-driven devices can fail on several levels. Adjustable speed drives can stop, fuses can blow, lights can blink, motors can slow down and PLCs and other process control equipment can drop out – compromising your operations.

Our Power Quality Solutions cost effectively provide efficiency, protection and secure connection, helping industrial facilities achieve smooth operation and realize their full profit potential. We offer modular, cost-effective power quality solutions for a variety of industrial applications:

PQ-IVR® Systems
AMSC’s PQ-IVR (Power Quality Industrial Voltage Restorer) systems provide instantaneous, facility-wide protection against voltage swells and one-, two- and three-phase sags up to 60% of nominal voltage. They can detect power quality problems within milliseconds and counteract before they turn into costly problems.

PQ-IVR systems incorporate the latest power electronic converters and can be configured to meet a wide range of customer requirements, helping industrial facilities realize their full profit potential.

D-SVCTM Systems
AMSC’s D-SVC™ (Distribution Static VAR compensator) system is a cost-effective, highly reliable solution that allows large electric loads to operate on the AC power system while minimizing the impacts of voltage sags and flicker problems. AMSC’s D-SVC system automatically applies VARs on a cycle-by-cycle basis to maintain steady line voltages adjacent to large inductive loads such as motors, welders, arc furnaces, pipeline pumping stations, and other similar industrial facilities. The D-SVC system uses AMSC’s proven transmission-level D-VAR® STATCOM control platform to bring a transmission-level solution to the distribution environment.

Ideal for industrial organizations with power quality challenges, the D-SVC system provides fast, accurate VAR compensation, which can reduce start-up disturbances, lower maintenance costs and extend the life of their equipment. The D-SVC system is simple to maintain, with its “set and forget” operation and no external cooling requirements. Additionally, utilities can place the D-SVC system at the source of the power quality problem to improve power at the facility while also improving power quality to utility users nearby.

Power Quality Solutions: Stability, Reliability, Productivity.