Statcom, Wind Energy Grid Integration, Var Compensation, Voltage Control, Renewable energy

Statcom, Wind Energy Grid Integration, Var Compensation, Voltage Control, Renewable energy

Renewable sources of energy will play a significant role in the future of power. Wind and solar installations continue to increase as utilities and power providers are turning to cleaner, more sustainable and abundant sources of energy.

However, the intermittent nature of renewables can create voltage stability problems between the transmission system and wind or solar plant. In response, utilities and regulators are increasingly imposing strict grid interconnection requirements. Renewable energy producers must have a renewable energy integration solution that will condition the power in order to interconnect with the power grid and not interfere with the grid’s overall performance.

Our Renewable Interconnectivity Solutions offer complete VAR compensation and voltage control, enabling wind and solar energy generation systems to meet these emerging requirements. We understand our customers’ needs and take a customized approach that results in a cost-effective solution. Our STATCOM products provide a renewable energy integration solution that allows power plants to stay online and helps prevent the nuisance tripping of solar inverters and wind turbine generators. In turn, this helps maximize the power plant’s output, which leads to increased revenues. Our offerings include:

D-VAR® Systems: Ideal for meeting grid interconnection standards
Located at the wind or solar plant substation, our D-VAR system cost effectively provides the dynamic reactive VAR compensation that is essential to connect renewable power plants to the grid effectively and meet even the most stringent interconnection requirements.

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D-VAR® RT Systems: In-turbine solution to improve ride-through ability
Located inside individual turbine towers, our patent-pending D-VAR RT system can be easily and cost effectively added to new turbines or retrofitted to existing turbines. It provides individual wind turbines with voltage control by dramatically improving the ability of the turbines to ride through power grid voltage disturbances that might otherwise interrupt operation.

Wind-RT™ Systems: Simplest and most cost effective LVRT retrofit option
Developed specifically to meet China’s grid codes, the Wind-RT retrofit system detects voltage dips on the power system and quickly (within 20 ms) isolates the turbine from the power grid. It then acts to precisely absorb the power generated by the wind turbine to maintain constant turbine speed and torque while providing reactive power to keep the turbine magnetized and at a constant voltage. Once the voltage recovers, the turbine is smoothly reconnected to the power grid, resulting in dramatically improved LVRT, more power generation and seamless wind energy grid integration.

Renewable Interconnectivity Solutions: Reliable, Scalable, Cost Effective.