Data Sheets

» 1.65 MW License and Design - wt1650df

» 2MW License and Design - wt2000

» 3MW License and Design - wt2000

» 5.5MW License and Design - wt5500

» D-VAR® RT Solution for LVRT Retrofits with Current Injection

» D-VAR® STATCOM Solution

» Distributed Static VAR Compensator (D-SVC™) System

» HTS Amperium® - Brass Laminated Wire

» HTS Amperium® - Copper Laminated Wire

» HTS Amperium® - Stainless Steel Laminated Type 8602 Wire

» HTS Amperium® - Stainless Steel Laminated Type 8612 Wire

» HTS Amperium® Wire Insulation

» PM3000W

» PM3100W

» PQ-IVR® Power Quality Solution

» SeaTitan™ 10 MW Wind Turbine

» Superconductor Fault Current Limiters for MV AC Networks

» Wind-RT™ Solution for LVRT Retrofits

Application and Service Notes

» Guidelines for Hand-Assembled Splicing of Amperium® Wire

» Guidelines for Termination of Amperium® Wire


» AMSC Corporate Brochure

» Fault Current Limiters

» Fault Current Limiting Cable Systems for Urban Power Networks

» HTS Cable Systems for AC Networks

» HTS Generator Solutions

» Network Planning and Application Group

» Power Quality Solutions

» Renewable Interconnectivity Solutions

» Superconductor LVDC Data Center Power Cables

» Utility Reactive Power Solutions

» Wind Turbine Controls and Systems

» Wind Turbine Designs

» Wind Turbine Software Solutions

Case Studies

» AMSC’s STATCOM Replaces SVC at Ergon Energy

» AMSC’s STATCOM System: A Power Quality Gold Mine for Prominent Hill

» Connecting Australia’s Largest Wind Farm to the Power Grid