Often located in remote locations, wind turbines are frequently left unattended, facing harsh environmental conditions such as high wind speeds, storms, snow, ice and severe heat. Due to these highly variable and dynamic operating conditions, significant mechanical stress is often placed on the turbine and its components. Preventative maintenance and proactive strategies to minimize O&M costs are key to providing a safe, cost-effective and reliable power output with an acceptable equipment lifetime.

Wind park owners and operators need to be able to collect, coordinate and visualize turbine and total park performance data. They need to be able to coordinate each turbine and know which are operating at capacity and which require attention, while always maintaining a holistic view of the whole park’s performance. AMSC’s Wind Turbine Software Solutions offers the full range of monitoring, control and support, and can define the approach that best meets our customers’ needs.

In a constantly challenging and changing environment, our software solutions offer wind park owners and operators reliable, proactive asset management and real-time control to maximize power output and minimize O&M costs.

Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) – wtSCADA™

Through our wtSCADA™ solution, the acquisition and storage of real-time data and historic data can be executed by a single system without the need of a separate, direct connection to the programmable logic controllers (PLC) of any individual wind turbine.

Condition Monitoring System (CMS) – wtCMS™

Through our wtCMS™ solution, wind park operators are able to employ a fully condition-based, proactive maintenance strategy. The system provides the operator with virtually real-time information regarding the condition of selected sub-systems and components, helping to run Wind Energy Converters (WECs) for as long as possible and reducing downtime and repairs – proactively maximizing your return on investment.

Wind Park Controller (WPC) -wtWPC™

Our wtWPC™ tool manages the behavior of multiple WECs, uniting them into a self-contained power plant and offering a single, defined interface to the utility grid.

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