The demand for power conversion is ever increasing. Major drivers for this rise in demand include the growth of distributed generation, higher system efficiency requirements, and increased demand for higher levels of power quality and power reliability.

AMSC’s cost-effective power converters have customizable configurations that enable end users to rapidly develop power systems that will get their products to market faster and maintain their competitive edge.

PowerModule™ power converters can reduce the cost and cycle time associated with developing a power conversion system. This reduction in time can provide earlier revenue realization, taking on additional projects, or further design refinement. Regarded as a standard, proven building block, PowerModule™ power converters have been utilized in thousands of wind turbines and grid interconnection solutions supporting gigawatts of renewable power around the world.

PowerModule™ power converters support a systematic development approach by reducing the amount of unknown variables. They can be quickly configured to meet both your hardware and software needs, making them ideal platforms for evaluating new technologies in power switches, thermal designs and control strategies. As a result, you can focus on key technology unknowns, accelerating the development of electric power systems and offering a cost-effective core component for volume production.

PowerModule™ PM3000 Series

The AMSC PM3000 power converters are a fully integrated, intelligent and modular systems that significantly reduce development costs and time to market for power systems across a wide spectrum of industries and applications.

PM3000 and PM3100 — 500 kW to 1 MW.

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