The world depends on reliable energy. As utilities face complex challenges between maintaining reliable power to their customers and new types of distributed generation, AMSC is committed to developing technologies that enable utilities to service the homes and businesses that rely on them.

AMSC’s Utility Voltage Solutions are a group of compact, efficient and scalable FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission Systems) specially designed for the unique challenges facing today’s T & D networks. They are utility-scale power electronics that increase power flow, reducing transmission loss and minimizing environmental impacts cost effectively.

D-VAR® Systems


This STATCOM provides a powerful and cost effective source of dynamic VARs for a wide range of operational needs. They can correct voltage instability problems on transmission networks; provide dynamic steady-state voltage and power factor control and regulation on transmission and distribution networks; protect industrial facilities requiring premium power quality; and support a stable point of interconnection for distributed generation facilities and large-scale wind farms.



AMSC’s D-VAR VVO® is a distribution class shunt compensation system that provides utilities & project developers with a purpose-built tool to address applications that demand fast and precise volt/VAR compensation, such as those driven by increased DER penetration. D-VAR VVO builds upon over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and deployment of D-VAR® dynamic reactive power solutions in utility networks. Featuring continuous control of reactive current, these power electronic compensators can be used to solve dynamic response limitations and costly mechanical wear issues associated with conventional switched cap banks and tap changing regulators.

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D-VAR VVO Data Sheet

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