Wind turbine OEMs must push the performance limits of their turbine designs in order to remain competitive and maximize wind park revenue potential. They need to extract optimal energy from the wind by enhancing turbine performance, increasing component lifetime and improving power quality.

In the offshore arena, the industry is demanding a world-class power generation plant – guaranteeing high availability, enhanced durability and precision quality and control – so that every possible kilowatt-hour can be extracted from the wind.

AMSC’s smart control systems meet these challenges. Our Advance Hardware & Software Solutions help to lower the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) so that wind can compete more effectively with conventional power sources and customers can increase their return on investments. Whether you want an entire wind turbine control system or just individual system components, we have what it takes to complete your turbine power electronics and controls strategy.

Our Wind Turbine Controls and Systems provide higher availability, reliability and optimized energy output from your wind turbine, wherever your operations, whatever the conditions. Our offerings include:

Electrical pitch systems for optimum performance

Located in the rotating hub, our pitch control system enables operators to gain optimal power from the wind by adjusting the blade angle; to control the speed of the wind turbine by holding a constant level at rated wind speed; and to minimize mechanical loads due to variable speed operations.



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