Whether you are new to the wind business or are launching a new offering, having the tools, processes, supply chain, factories and skilled employees is essential to building the most reliable, efficient and optimized wind turbines.

AMSC’s experience is here to help your employees receive in-depth training on design, documentation, technology and the complete turbine lifecycle – from assembly and installation through testing and commissioning to operation and maintenance. We offer trusted component manufacturers throughout your supply chain, providing you with quality products and services, and also ensure that your factories are designed to accommodate future growth without incurring large capital expenditures.

By partnering with AMSC, you will have a relationship with our team of professionals who will enable you to have all the necessary technical knowledge and training that you need to be successful. We can localize your supply chain through our network of global partners. From factory set-up to employee training, we supply our partners with the tools, knowledge and support to be manufacturing new lines of wind turbines in as little as 12 months.


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