Marine Solutions

Marine Solutions

Like virtually all other industries, ship builders, owners and operators are seeking innovative ways to increase system reliability, security and efficiency. Whether you are operating a cruise ship or a war ship, your cargo is precious and your operating costs are increasing.

AMSC is truly a holistic provider of power solutions. Our capabilities don’t end with generation, transmission or delivery – our solutions extend to end use. For the marine sector, our power management, propulsion and defense solutions are designed to help customers increase system efficiencies, enhance power quality and boost reliability and security.

Our offerings for the marine industry include:

Power Conversion Solutions
Our power conversion systems enable more stable power supplies for a variety of vessels, from commercial tug boats to navy warships.

Motors and Generators
Employing our proprietary superconductor wire, marine motors and generators are incredibly compact, efficient and power dense propulsion systems.

Degaussing Systems
Employing our proprietary superconductor wire, today’s naval ships are beginning to employ lightweight and highly efficient 21st century “cloaking” systems.

Superconductor Wire and Coils
We offer proprietary wire and coils that are ideally suited for marine applications, such as motors, generators and degaussing systems.

Refrigeration and Cooling for Superconductor Marine Solutions                                       AMSC and ITC’s cryo-coolers outperform commercially available alternatives from both an efficiency and noise perspective, two very important factors to the U.S. Navy. AMSC & ITC’s cryo-coolers enable 50% more cooling power for AMSC’s patented SPS system. Today, there are no other cryo-coolers on the market with the same efficiency performance as AMSC & ITC. 

AMSC currently has ‘Power Module’ technology in its Electronic Component Systems (ECS) and D-VAR products. The addition of ITC’s cryo-cooling performance represents an opportunity for a ‘Cold Module’ technology for AMSC’s SPS product.

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Marine Applications: Compact, Reliable, Efficient.