Generators & Drivetrains

Generators & Drivetrains

Rising pollution levels, increasing carbon emissions, volatile fuel prices and a desire for energy independence. These are among the factors that have fueled a tremendous increase in the use of
renewable energy, with wind power being one of the major contributors to the overall energy mix.

The industry continues to seek new and advanced technologies that lower both wind park capital costs and operating and maintenance costs while boosting energy yields. Put simply: the industry seeks to continue to lower the Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE).

Simply put, AMSC’s Generator and Drivetrain Solutions are designed to help customers turn wind into profit. Our offerings include:

Direct Drive (DD)
A smart, straightforward design that eliminates the need for gearboxes, the direct drive configuration has fewer moving parts and therefore can reduce maintenance costs and provide higher wind turbine availability.

Doubly-Fed Induction (DF)
Referred to as DFIG, doubly-fed induction generators have been the most widely used technology in wind turbines. This solution has a multi-phase wound rotor and a multi-phase slip ring assembly with brushes for access to the rotor. Recently, designs without brushes (brushless) have been introduced.

Full-Scale Conversion (FC)
In a full-scale conversion drivetrain, the wind turbine gearbox is protected because the generator is not connected directly to the grid and therefore subjected to grid faults that can create excessive stress on the drivetrain. A highly efficient solution that also provides better power quality to the grid, the FC solution has a redundant converter system that provides protection in case of a failure.

HTS Direct Drive (HTS DD)
AMSC’s direct drive superconductor generator design utilizes power dense superconductors to create a smaller, lighter and more efficient machine that produces higher power ratings and energy yields while lowering installation, operating and maintenance costs.

SuperGEAR™ (SG) System
AMSC’s patented SuperGEAR drivetrain provides the wind turbine’s generator with a direct connection to the utility grid. With no converter or transformer required, it produces the best possible power quality available on the global market. This drivetrain solution enables smaller and lighter nacelles with higher and more stable efficiency and reliability – characteristics that are particularly crucial for offshore wind installations.

Wind Turbine Generator & Drivetrain Solutions: Reliable, Powerful, Innovative.