To maintain an edge in the highly competitive and dynamic wind industry, wind turbine manufacturers need differentiated solutions. To do this, manufacturers require the most advanced technology to ensure best energy harvest with their wind turbines and support their business development strategy.

New and established wind turbine manufacturers rely on AMSC to collaborate on state-of-the-art wind turbine designs and stay competitive in a fast-moving market. With a range of offerings from 1.65 MW to 10 MW, AMSC provides enhanced turbine designs, tested and certified according to international standards, and complete electrical and mechanical wind turbine system designs for self-manufacturing.

By licensing an AMSC wind turbine design, our partners also gain access to our experienced design and development professionals as well as supply chain development and localization support services. The end result is a holistic solution that is tailored to fit your specific needs to maximize power generation and your return on investment.

AMSC’S Wind Turbine Design Portfolio includes a variety of offerings to suit your wind strategy. Our turbine designs include:

1.65 MW : Capitalize on opportunities in emerging markets
The wt1650df (doubly fed) is cost-efficient to manufacture and utilizes our integrated drivetrain.

2.0 MW : Optimized power curves for maximum efficiency
The optimized integrated electric systems of our wt2000df (doubly-fed) and wt2000fc (full-scale conversion) models combined with rotor diameter ranges from 80 m to 100 m result in some of the most efficient power curves in the industry today.

3.0 MW : Best energy harvest at low wind conditions
The wt3000dd (direct drive), wt3000df (doubly-fed) and wt3000fc (full-scale conversion) models have been designed to offer the lowest possible cost of energy and are ideal for low wind speed markets with high efficiency over the entire speed range.

5.5 MW – Capitalize on the rise of offshore wind
The wt5500df (doubly-fed) features a three-phase induction generator. The wt5500fc (full-scale conversion) uses a synchronous generator or asynchronous generator with a full-scale converter. We offer designs to suit your offshore strategy.

10.0 MW – Maximum power per tower in offshore wind
The SeaTitan (direct drive) wind turbine design includes a high temperature superconductor (HTS) generator, which is significantly smaller and lighter than a generator using conventional technologies.
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Designs: Proven, Advanced, Differentiated, Optimized.