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Solving Motor Start Power Quality with Distribution Class STATCOMs

Sept 23rd, 2021
Line start induction motors are the workhorse behind many industrial operations. Due to the high VAR inrush characteristic during start-up (5-7x the motor rating), larger motors can cause substantial utility power quality issues, e.g., disruptive voltage sags. The costs associated with these power quality issues can be substantial and include unintended relay tripping, process curtailments, and even required disconnection of a motor from the utility grid.
In this technical webinar, experts from AMSC will share innovative and field-proven solutions to these costly power quality problems. Attendees of the webinar can expect to learn the following:
– The principle of operation of distribution class STATCOM applied to motor starting
– Why soft starters typically do not address power quality issues caused by large motors
– When and why distribution class STATCOMs can be the most cost-effective solution to the problem
– How to quickly and accurately select and size STATCOM solutions
– How to validate field performance using high-speed waveform capture tools of fielded STATCOMs
Dave Oteman – Mr. Oteman has nearly 20 years of experience, serving in engineering and product management roles in the energy sector. At American Superconductor, he was a co-founder of the D-VAR VVO Distribution Class STATCOM and is currently the product line manager. Mr. Oteman has been responsible for developing new technologies for power system automation and control including powerline induced wildfire mitigation and optimal control of behind-the-meter energy storage. His current power system research interests include solid state apparatus for power networks. Mr. Oteman resides in Wisconsin. He has earned a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering, a Masters degree in Business Administration and is the inventor or co-inventor of eight patents.