The control system is the brain of your wind turbine. Highest effort has to be put into the development of adequate algorithms and strategies to keep the wind loads approaching the sensible wind turbine structure within acceptable limits and – at the same time – operate the power generator in an optimum condition to guarantee the maximum energy capture of the system. Optimizing this balance leads to a high performing and reliable power generation unit returning investments within market advantageous time span.

Long time experience and a holistic understanding of the environmental conditions and the structural components in interaction with the quickly responding rotor blade actuators and the high efficient generator are a substantial know-how at AMSC build up by the development of wind turbines from 600kW to 10MW. AMSC has always prioritized high quality grade programming work for reliable control systems running on well proven and wind industry verified programmable logic controllers hardware applying latest state of the art logics and algorithms developed, improved and approved by the AMSC control group.

With new developments and challenging tasks you address best at AMSC control group ensuring you best performance in highest reliability with a control solution customized to your needs.


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