Utility Reactive Power Solutions

Utility Reactive Power Solutions

Today’s utilities are faced with unprecedented challenges. Rapidly rising demand is coupled with the need to generate and deliver energy more efficiently, reliably and cost effectively, while also having minimum impact on the environment.

As more renewable plants come online far away from the generation source, grid congestion is becoming more prevalent. These bottlenecks lead to power outages and grid disturbances that cost the economy billions of dollars every year.

Our Utility Reactive Power Solutions are meeting these challenges head on and helping utilities deliver more power to customers. Our highly efficient, compact FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission Systems) solutions increase power flow through enhanced stability, availability, quality and reliability. Our utility-scale power electronics and expertise allow utilities to cost effectively manage their T&D networks while reducing transmission loss and minimizing environmental impact.

D-VAR® System
AMSC’s D-VAR reactive compensation systems provide a powerful and cost effective source of dynamic VARs for a wide range of operational needs. They can correct voltage instability problems on transmission networks; provide dynamic steady-state voltage and power factor control and regulation on transmission and distribution networks; protect industrial facilities requiring premium power quality; and support a stable point of interconnection for distributed generation facilities and large-scale wind farms.

SVC Solutions
AMSC’s solid-state Static VAR Compensator (SVC) devices use proven thyristor technology to improve grid efficiency at transmission and distribution levels. Our SVC solutions can be configured to meet specific customer requirements, and our highly experienced engineering team can optimize the SVC configuration to fit your needs.

Utility Reactive Power Compensation Solutions: Increase, Enhance, Improve.