HTS Wire

HTS Wire

AMSC’s Amperium® high temperature superconductor (HTS) wire conducts approximately 200 times the electrical current of copper wire of similar dimensions. This second generation (2G) wire is available in copper (Cu), brass and stainless steel laminate.

Used in high-current AC or DC cable applications, such as power transmission and distribution, high-capacity Amperium wire offers a significant increase in the amount of power that can be carried regardless of voltage. Amperium wire’s unique laminated construction combined with the dual impedance characteristic of superconductors, allows for the construction of cables with intrinsic fault current limiting capability. This provides high capacity under normal conditions and high resistance during fault conditions. AMSC’s brass-laminated superconductor wire provides high strength and stability with ease of stranding and handling.

Used in power dense coils for applications such as synchronous motors, generators and magnets, our Amperium copper-laminated  wire can dramatically reduce the size and weight of large-scale electrical equipment. This product provides significantly greater power throughput and efficiency as well as high strength and stability with outstanding bend tolerance.

Stainless Steel
Used in current limiting superconductor coils or rods where robustness and current limiting capacity are critical, our single and double HTS layer 12 mm width Amperium stainless steel  wires reduce the size, weight and often the overall cost of large scale electrical equipment. The added benefit of wide wire widths furthers this advantage by reducing wire requirements for a given operating current which can ultimately reduce refrigeration needs as well. Uniquely suited for current lead applications, the use of stainless steel lamination provides a high normal state resistance for current limiter applications as well as a low thermal conductivity package for low heat leak current leads.

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HTS Wire: Compact, Versatile, Efficient, Powerful.